Leader in Cellulosic and Industrial Paper Production

Yontem Paper Group is producing 100% domestic resources in our country from raw material procurement to full production. The end user uses 100% cellulose in domestic production to produce hundreds of kinds of products from toilet paper to paper towels, paper towels to cardboard cups and dozens of brands. At the same time we are making special productions which are mainly exported but also used in our country, bearing the own logos of the companies.

The Method Paper Group provides an important support to the country economy and to the closing of the export opening by providing employment to more than 2000 persons with the production that it has made.


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Yontem Paper


Yöntem Group was established in 1996 and always focused to the quality from the beginning. Paper Industry in our country was dependent on foreign producers for many years. Nowadays we are producing our products completely from the domestic raw materials. As a principle, Yöntem always uses Turkish Technological Resources and our R&D department non-stop works for better quality products.

We became the biggest industrial paper producer while we focused to consistant development and innovative and sustainable pricing policy.

Yöntem Group continues to grow without the need for any financial support, always uses its own equity. Our business philosophy is “Our own products with our own methods” and we are always working to be independent from the foreign technology and we are working with the leading scientific institutions of our country.



Yöntem Group are serving different provinces in Turkey. ESSEL PAPER RAW MATERIAL is in Zonguldak Çaycuma and it is producing raw materials like cellulose. YÖNTEM PAPER is in Kocaeli – İzmit and produces toilet papers, paper towels, paper napkins for homes and for industrials use. YÖNTEM CORRUGATED CARDBOARD is producing corrugated cardboards. ESSEN HOUSE is making the Buildings and houses. ESSEN MALL is located in Sakarya.



Yontem Family is working without stopping to produce more quality products with the slogan “QUALITY IS A RIGTH FOR HUMAN” from the day it was founded.

The products manufactured in our R & D labs are constantly subjected to various tests and defects which may occur in the manufacturing process are minimized.

Factory works resolutely and relentlessly towards perfection.

Developing new technologies in the world is followed and continuosly focused. We always ask “how can we make it better” and strive for better production.

Productivity and giving added value to the national economy can only be valuable when the company is “Ecofriendly“.

The things that the nature offer us is not infinite, and all the sources will die out one day. Thats why we have to create new resources.

Yontem Family gives back to nature what it takes from nature and applying a production process which does not harm the environment- a leading company at the paper industry.

Our Vision

As a company that has proven its quality and reliability with its production technologies and product range, to introduce our brand to the world.
All the products we produce have high quality and we offer them to our customers in suitable pricing policy.

Together with our employees, providing continuous development, growth and profitability, provide added value to our country.

Our Mission

Using local resources of our country in the most efficient manner, to produce without harming the environment and to give back to nature what we take from nature.
Producing with local raw materials and develop our own technology and to eliminate dependence on foreign at paper sector.
To increase the quality of our production and to make continuous research and development to produce better.