Yöntem Group Companies are mainly involved in Cellulosic and Paper Production.
In addition to dozens of brands and hundreds of products we also produce
special order products for domestic and international Markets.

Essel Cellulose
and Paper Products

All of our productions that we have performed as Exsel Paper are first quality paper and absolutely no substances are used in any of our machines.

Essel Selüloz ve Kâğıt San.Tic.AŞ established in 2005, Zonguldak - Çaycuma on the 67 acres of land. in the year of 2015 in Osmaniye Organized Industrial Zone 25 acres of land. It manufactures about 600 kinds of products with full capacity working, with factories producing 200 tons per day and 76000 tons per year.

With the world's best quality celluloses, we use 100% cellulose for our entire production.

Production Areas

  • Toilet Paper 16-24 gr
  • Napkin 16-24 gr
  • Dispenser Napkin 16-23 gr
  • Paper Towels 18-25 gr
  • Box Tissue 15-17 gr
  • Dispenser Towel 8-25 gr
  • Z Fold Towel 17-23gr

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Yöntem Corrugated Cardboard was established in Izmir to serve the packaging production. Our company has an open area of 20.000 m2 and a covered area of 10.000 m2 with 36.000 tons / year corrugated packaging production capacity.

Corrugated board is a product formed by covering the upper and lower surfaces of one or more corrugated sheets with plain paper.

Production Areas

  • Single sided corrugated cardboard
  • Single-wave corrugated cardboard
  • Double-wave corrugated cardboard

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Corrugated Cardboard
and Paper Products

Corrugated cardboard is the most versatile and important packaging material in the world. According to estimates, 90% of all consumer goods in the world are entering corrugated cardboard in one step of transport and transfer.

Only My Cup

Carton Cup Factory

Method Only My Cup Factory produces high quality cardboard cups that can flexo print up to 6 colors in a wide range of fans ranging from 4 oz to 16 oz for hot and cold beverages.

Our Method Only My Cup Carton Glassware Factory, located in Kocaeli province center, has been operating in 2018. Our factory, which produces premium quality cardboard cups, produced 180,000 pieces of cardboard cups per day with full automatic machines.r.

The needs of all prestigious companies have been targeted by applying all kinds of flexo printing up to a maximum of 6 colors on the kinds of carton cup soup produced in our factory.

  • 4 Oz(118.2941mL) Carton Cup
  • 7 Oz(207.0147mL) Carton Cup
  • 8 Oz(236.5882mL) Carton Cup
  • 12 Oz(354.8824mL) Carton Cup
  • 16 Oz(473.1765mL) Carton Cup

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Essen Shopping Center, which has become the center of attention of the citizens by making a rapid entry into the retail sector in Sakarya, opened the 20th branch of Sakarya and became the fastest growing market chain of Sakarya in the retailing sector.

Our businesses, which are always based on quality and economical price policies, operate to offer quality products at a lower cost to the citizen.

Essen Malls Policies

  • Customer Focus
  • Product Quality
  • Unique Service
  • Being Affordable
  • Reliability
  • Innovation

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the Malls

Essen the Malls are the leading market chain in retail sector in Sakarya. We aim to deliver quality products to our customers at the most reasonable prices.